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Working with concrete is one of the most fundamental tasks in construction. Concrete is treated and handled differently in areas that differ in conditions, nature of the project, and scale of the structure. Since concrete is used in hundreds of ways, it involves a lot of intricate steps, and getting all of them right is the only way to get a flawless concrete structure. Concrete pouring is one of those steps. It deals with installing the concrete nicely so that the structure becomes perfectly solid. However, the process itself is quite complex, so we are going to discuss more on this.

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What are the Steps for Concrete Pouring?

As we have already said, the entire process of concrete pouring consists of small but intricate steps. So we need to be focused throughout the process and follow the rules for a perfect job.  

  • We begin the process by taking stock of the area. We need to prepare the targeted area, mark it, and plan the structure nicely. Preparing the sub-base is very important, and it is one of the first things that we do.
  • After we have successfully prepared the area, we move on to the forming process. Forms of metals and sometimes woods are used to be firmly placed at the edges. The forms are placed in a way that they can be easily withdrawn later.
  • After that, we move on to the concrete. Most of the time, the concrete is transported to the site by a ready mix concrete truck. Once the truck starts pouring the concrete in, others promptly start to shove and spread the concrete nicely. This is done in real-time so that air pockets and lumps are not formed. 
  • After the concrete is poured, it needs to be even out. We use wooden boards or metal boards for this process, which is called screeding. We also mold the edges of the structure so as to give a uniform touch. After that, we use steel trowels to eliminate unevenness and give the surface a smooth finish. 
  • Then we let the concrete settle for a bit. Once the concrete is nice and hard, we move on to add the finishing touch. For this process, a special broom is used. You can choose your own texture. Usually, there are three options – textured, smooth, and stamped.
  • The last step of the entire process is known as the curing process. After the concrete is solid and given proper texture, we usually let it rest for a few days. The curing process usually lasts about 28 days. During this time, the concrete rests, but we specifically keep an eye on it for the first few days since those days are the most critical. We use a special curing compound so that the concrete can cure itself properly and doesn’t develop cracks and discoloration. 
  • From what we have learned after being in this profession for years is that frosty weather is not the best time for concrete pouring.

Concrete Pouring: Why Hiring Professionals is the Best

We have already given you a surface idea of the entire process of concrete pouring. From this, you might have realized that concrete pouring is not the easiest of the jobs. It involves careful planning, following complex rules, and taking care of the concrete so that it doesn’t develop any flaws. Naturally, you will only want to hire professionals who have the required knowledge and expertise in this field.

We at Cupertino Pro Concrete always provide you with the necessary experience and guidance so that your concrete is flawlessly poured. To know more about us and how we do what we do best, just call us on 408-549-9009.