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The construction industry is largely dominated by concrete. Concrete is the material of choice in most projects – be it small scale properties or be it large industrial projects. Unless you have your eyes fixed on bricks or stones for a particular job, concrete can always be a safe option. For concrete structures to provide a solid performance, it all starts with the base.

Getting the foundation perfect is very important in concrete masonry. But despite how it appears on the surface, building a concrete foundation is not a very easy task. There are tricky rules and nifty little details that need to be addressed properly in order to get a flawless concrete foundation. So without further ado, let’s talk about the concrete foundation in detail.

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What are the Steps for Concrete Foundation?

A concrete foundation is fundamentally the most important work in a project. It’s all about getting the base right for the rest of the structure to flourish nicely. That’s why the process involves maps and layouts. People entrusted with the job must have a clear idea of the maps and layouts. For instance, the deep foundation and shallow foundation differ in terms of soil, location, and nature of the structure. That’s why, even before actively working on the foundation, knowing the project is very important. 

After properly analyzing the area, excavation comes in. For this, we start by getting proper permits from local authorities. The process of excavating the earth will lead to an uneven surface and a pile of rubble. So concrete leveling is done to even out the surface. For a proper concrete foundation, we will need a reinforcement structure. The reinforcements are placed to hold everything together while pouring the concrete. Once the reinforcements are in place, concrete is placed on the targeted area.

It can be a concrete slab, or it can be smaller units of concrete. Once the structure is settled and formed, the formworks are removed. After that, a finishing coat is applied to the concrete, which is followed by site cleanup. These are just some of the fundamental steps to get a perfect concrete foundation; however, the actual process can contain more complexity.

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What are the Types of Concrete Foundation?

The T-shaped foundation is one of the most popular types. It is basically named after the footing, which is T-shaped. The footing is placed at first, then walls are poured and constructed, and the slab is placed at the end. T-shaped foundations are mostly used in places where the ground freezes. Next, we have the slab-on-grade foundation, which is not suitable for places where the ground freezes.

It is mainly a single slab of concrete, which is several inches thick, and the edges are thicker than the interiors. Compared to the T-shaped foundation, the slab-on-grade foundation is cheaper. The third one is the frost-protected foundation. This method is just like the slab-on-grade foundation, where concrete is poured monolithically. But in order for the frost-protected foundation to work in areas with frost, it requires a heated structure. 

Concrete Foundation: Why Hiring Professionals is the Best Option

As you might have realized so far, a concrete foundation is not a simple task. We have to keep in mind the location and the scale of the structure to decide on the type. Apart from that, there are many things that need to be addressed properly. A flawed installation will result in a huge disaster. That’s why it’s always best to hire professionals who have the necessary experience and knowledge of the job.

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